Cortes de Cima Cellar / AdegaOur philosophy is to make wines that are a pleasure to drink, reflecting the concentrated color, aroma and natural fruit flavor of ripe Alentejan grapes. When we use oak, it must be well-integrated, and always in the background. We seek to achieve a wine which is full bodied, with a fine balance of acidity, long on the palate, and with ripe smooth tannins.

At harvest time, we pick each vineyard parcel according to ripeness, and keep the batches separate under vinification. We ferment the grapes without their stems under temperature control, with frequent punch downs, to further increase extraction of color and flavor. Each ferment is handled separately and the whole process is very intricate and labor intensive.

Our best wines are aged in new and used oak barrels for 6 to 12 months, prior to bottling. All our wines are estate bottled, with of course 100% natural Portuguese corks!

A large part of our energy and heating needs in the winery are met by a photovoltaic power plant, the solar panels on our winery roof, and a boiler fueled by olive pits. To reduce energy consumption, we use natural lighting and energy-saving lights, and insulate our tanks, walls and roofs against both the winter cold and the summer heat.

Our winery wastewater is recycled in a natural wetlands, where it is completely consumed by reeds. The grape stems are recycled to the vineyard for mulch, reducing the need for applying other fertilizers. All cardboard, glass, plastic and metal packaging waste from the winery are recycled.


Powerful concentrated fruit is backed by fine integrated French and American oak and balanced by ripe, smooth tannins. Although ready to drink on release, our wines will continue to develop well and improve in the bottle.


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