Let Vintage 2013 begin!

On the heels of a rather dry winter, bud break in March was greeted with copious amounts of rain, with a 2-prong effect of both replenishing our water supply, but also complicating the spring vineyard work schedule.

April in Portugal is normally a wet month, but in 2013 it served as the kicking off point for a prolonged spring and summer dry spell. This has continued without a drop of rain from mid June to now (end August).

Spring around the time of flowering in mid May was cooler than usual, with a slowing effect on vine growth.

The Alentejan summer has been moderately warm, with just a few mid-summer heat spikes to slow the growing tempo of the vineyard.  Veraision was recorded around mid July, slightly behind schedule.

Now, at the end of August the vines are looking healthy, with a good green foliage, and an even ripening. We are expecting harvest quantity to be similar to Vintage 2012, and of a good quality.

‘Vindima 2013’ was kicked off to a slow start on August 19th with the harvesting of a few white varieties – Viognier and Verdelho.  The harvest tempo is sure to speed up in the coming weeks! Stay tuned here for further updates!

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