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Cortes de Cima QR CodeSince we got aware of André’s Ribeirinho project, one of the, founders, the creation of a unique code for each and every wine, known as AVIN and the use of QR Codes to represent it, we have been involved in some experiences and tests at different events to put it to test. Now, I have the honor to announce that code is part of our Cortes de Cima 2006 back label, and soon it will be part of the full range. Cortes de Cima and Quevedo are the first producers to provide these new interactive labels in Europe and maybe in the world.

I won’t be going to explain the AVIN concept nor the QR Codes,Cortes de Cima 2006 QR Code that are available, in detail to you, if you follow the links, but I would like very much to explain how it works and what do you need to make it work.

Picture yourself inside a supermarket in front of a shelf full of wines; and you have no idea where to start. Now imagine that with your mobile, with digital camera integrated, a small application, able to read the code installed, an internet access et voilá you can get all the important details about a wine, reviews and opinions of people who have already tasted it. What seems to be complicated is actually very simple, so let’s see: You need a compatible mobile with digital camera (a standard nowadays), install a small application to read the code, like Kaywa Reader or other compatible one available in the internet for free and of course a bottle of wine with a QR Code on it. Something like this:


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