Vintage Report 2012 – a quality driven vintage!

Synopsis: Harvest 2012, our 17th harvest. A record cold and dry winter, followed by a cold and wet spring. Superlative summer. All in all, a quality driven vintage!

This year we asked our cellar crew the hard task of describing Vintage 2012 in just one word, here is what they came up with – “late”, “lengthy”, “different”, “phenomenal”, “good”, “hard”.

Winemaker and grape grower Hans Jorgensen however does not believe the 2012 harvest can be described in as little as one word. In his opinion it was neither a superlative nor a poor year. We’ve had some great expressions of most varieties, which is usually hard to achieve, yet we cannot quite claim it to be the best year ever, – not yet!

Vintage 2012…. in numbers:

- 1st white grapes to be crushed: Verdelho
- 1st red grapes to be crushed: Alicante Bouschet
- 1,522 tones of fruit processed, a very slight decrease from last year
- 85% red and 15% white grapes is this years distribution
- 16th of August and the 16th of October mark the start and end to this belated vintage

Vintage 2012…. in words:

Every stage in the vineyard was delayed this year: budbreak, flowering, veraison and harvest – by almost a month! Why? As usual, blame the weather.

2012 brought a cold and record dry winter, where we experienced the driest February yet on record. Spring was cold and wet, followed by an almost idyllic summer, a steady parade of only moderately warm days followed by cool nights, interrupted only a few times by some short heat spikes. These cool to moderate temperatures from winter through summer, have been the cause of the delays in this year’s vineyard calendar, without having any negative effect on quality. On the contrary, these delays have given our grapes a longer ripening period, which is very important for reaching concentrated fruit flavor in our wines.

As Hans Jorgensen stated above, this was a year where difficult varieties, in particular Aragones and Touriga Nacional, did extremely well, even though conditions might not have been perfect. That is a clear sign of a quality vintage!

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