Budbreak – Vintage 2009 in the making

Budbreak Alicante Bouschet 2009

On 26th February the first buds appeared in the vineyard, nearly 2 weeks earlier than ever recorded at Cortes de Cima. The first signs of budbreak appeared in our 2.5 hectares parcel of Alicante Bouschet, a parcel planted in 2007.

Although Alicante Bouschet (a cross between  Grenache with Petit Bouschet ) is a traditional early sprouting varietal, it is also a late ripener in comparison to the other varieties.

The past winter 2008/09 has been exceptionally cold, recording both frost and even snowfall in January. February has been notably sunnier and milder, with temperatures reaching into the low 20s, resulting in this record early kick-start to Vintage 2009.

The arrival of budbreak marks the end of the long winter work of pruning (2 long months), and now the vineyard workers turn their attention to tying up the vines, the next step in the long road towards Vintage 2009 in the making! Stay tuned for more vineyard updates!

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