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2018 Harvest Report

Cold, dry winter followed by a cool, humid spring finally interrupted by a short-lived heat wave in August, which kick-started the late summer. Harvest was consequently later than usual, and short in order to preserve the natural freshness that highlights the year.

Winter 2017/2018 was cold and dry and the absence of rainfall meant a start of the year with severe drought conditions. A cold and humid spring followed and heavy precipitation replenished the water tables but also led to a slow start to the growing season in the vineyard. Indeed a general delay of 3 weeks was evident in the whole phenological cycle from budbreak until harvest.

Budbreak started on March 8th with Alicante Bouchet, but the majority took place between the end of March and beginning of April. Continuing cool weather led to an equally delayed flowering, which commenced on May 21st. Persisting humid conditions resulted in elevated mildew pressure throughout spring and early summer. Summer started with a relatively cool July but gave way to a monumental 4-day heat spell in early August, marking the hottest day on record this century, which brought with it the beginning of our normal warm summer weather. Harvest started on the 28 august for whites, slightly delayed compared to recent years, but lasted for only about a month, with Cabernet Sauvignon coming in on the 4th of October, making for quite a compressed harvest.