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Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate
 – Incógnito Vertical (Issue #234)

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate
 - Incógnito Vertical (Issue #234) - Mark Squires (Click to read more...)

Incógnito Vertical  - “mostly a fine group.”  -   Mark Squires

92 points - Incógnito 2012 - “beautiful - fresh, elegant and still lush -  impeccable balance - Sensual and appealing

91 points - Incógnito 2013 - “more lift to the fruit and a better backbone… the tortoise to its hare.

91 points - Incógnito 2009 - “The finish is beautiful, laced with beefy flavor, touches of blueberries and some tannins.

9o points - Incógnito 2008 - “impeccably balanced. Overall, it is drinking beautifully just now.

9o points - Incógnito 2004 - “shows those beef-and-game nuances of Rhône-styled Syrah.. a great time to drink this

88 points -  Incógnito 2002 - “lively and elegant,…I'd still happily drink this…impressive.” 

Full reviews -

“Cortes de Cima presents a vertical of Incógnito, as well as new releases. It is mostly a fine group.”  -   Mark Squires

92 points  - Incógnito 2012

“On its own terms, this is beautiful—fresh, elegant and still lush. On the early-maturing side, this is a wine that is particularly seductive for its texture and impeccable balance. I'm not so sure this will hold or develop as well as some others, but it is sensual and appealing for the moment and should remain so over the next decade, at least. This is very pretty, still retaining some baby fat. The tannins, though, are moderate. Don't hesitate to dive in while this is young. “  Drink 2017 - 2027

91 points - Incógnito 2013

“Here, the texture is cut by a livelier demeanor, some acidity and somewhat more obvious tannins (this is, of course, one year younger). While this does have more lift to the fruit and a better backbone (it may age more nicely), it doesn't seem to rival the 2012 in sex appeal or concentration of fruit. It is still very nice, to be sure, and it has a chance to develop more, perhaps more than the 2012. As contrasted with the 2012, this may well be the tortoise to its hare. We will see in time, but the 2012 clearly drinks better right now.” Drink 2018 - 2030

91 points  - Incógnito 2009

“That is a reference to how this huge vintage showed in Portugal overall. It was a very warm, very ripe year. Many had difficulty controlling the vintage, including obnoxious alcohol spikes that lead to actual heat on the finish. Not so here. If the 2008 seems youthful and fruity, this doubles down on both of those traits. Yet, for all of this vintage's size and power, somehow Cortes de Cima maintained the balance here, as I originally noted. This is a little lusher and fruitier than most and perhaps better concentrated but not by much—not enough to distort the wine's typical reputation for elegance. The finish is beautiful, laced with beefy flavor, touches of blueberries and some tannins still. I wasn't sure this would age as well as some of the others, but it certainly looks on track to do so.”  Drink 2017 - 2025

90 points  -  Incógnito 2008

“This is the first in the vertical that has improved with age. It is not quite as focused or as Tightly wound as its predecessor in the vertical, the 2004, but it is smoother, fruitier and fresher (it is, to be sure, four years younger). The funk that tends to be typical of the brand is still there, but it has folded more into the whole. If this lacks the concentration of the 2004, it has a livelier, more elegant feel. It is impeccably balanced. Overall, it is drinking beautifully just now. It has plenty of time left, and it is entitled to an extension of the drinking window. ” Drink 2017 - 2024

90 points  -  Incógnito 2004

Time has been far kinder to this than the 2002, its older predecessor in the vertical. This still shows good concentration and a lively feel. The creamy texture coats the palate, while the finish shows those beef-and-game nuances of Rhône-styled Syrah. The gamy nuances are fairly strong—so, you will have to like that style. This focused 2004, though, still shows life, lift on the finish and grip as well. It held up well to an hour of aeration, too, without becoming oxidized or showing decay. I'm always conservative in such things—let's see it prove it, in other words—but this certainly deserves a notable extension of its drinking window. At this point, it might well do better still, but let's be conservative again. This is a great time to drink this, although it will hold well for several more years, at least. “  Drink 2017 – 2021

88 points  -  Incógnito 2002

“In this infamously rainy year, the winery did a great job here. However, this has probably passed prime now. Fully tertiary after some aeration, it does have some complexity and some virtues remaining. It is lively and elegant, with some grip on the finish still. However, the nose is badly oxidized, at least from this bottle. (As wines age, it does become more about the bottle than the wine, as the saying goes.) The first pours were still quite fine here, but the smooth texture and the hints of nice fruit faded quickly. Age caught up to this in a hurry. I'd still happily drink this, but I would prefer to drink it sooner rather than later, no matter how long it theoretically lasts. Given the awful vintage, that we are even talking about this wine today as still having a useful life left is impressive.”  Drink  2017 – 2019