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Cortes de Cima Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We harvest our own ‘Cobrançosa’ olives early to obtain a green grassy aroma with a green-yellow colored extra virgin olive oil. Estate grown sustainably.

Harvest and Production

Our own ‘Cobrançosa’ olives are harvested early in November 2018, and processed naturally by cold pressing within a few hours after harvest. Olive oil obtained only by mechanical extraction, without any additives.

Tasting Notes

A harmonious olive oil, with a deep greenish yellow color and a green grassy aroma typical of the Cobrançosa variety. It shows a lightly piquant and nutty flavor at the end, due to the early harvesting of the fruit.

  • Varieties: 100% Cobrançosa
  • Maximum Acidity: 0.12 %
  • k232: max.1.63
  • k268: max. 0.16
  • DeltaK: max. 0.01
  • Harvested: November 2018
  • Bottled filtered in: January 2019
  • No additives
  • Extra Virgin
  • Cold pressed

Available in bottles of 50cl