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At Cortes de Cima, it's our philosophy to express in the bottle what we grow in the field

To achieve this we combine old world winemaking know-how and passion with new world innovation and technology. 

Fruit quality and sorting are paramount to our winemaking philosophy. All fruit is hand sorted in the field before coming into the winery, where it undergoes a further assessment to ensure that only the best fruit makes it into our wines.

Each vineyard parcel is picked according to ripeness and kept separate under vinification. We ferment the grapes under temperature control using a range of cap management techniques such as punch-downs, rack and returns and pumpovers in order to aerate the must and extract optimum color, tannin and flavor from the skins.

Oak, when used, must be used carefully, well-integrated, and always in the background. All our wines are estate bottled, with of course 100% natural Portuguese corks!